What MUST you do to secure your first NED role?

Get the Top Tips to start your journey to the Boardroom

  • Are you about to start your journey and need a clear roadmap to find your first NED / Trustee role?

  • Have you tried to secure your first board role but not succeeded?

  • Have you been hitting a few barriers stopping you from gaining your first NED / Trustee role?

If the answer is YES, Boardroom Ready will guide you in your journey from Exec to


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IT Executive

"Heather is very organised and will help you to focus on what's relative to your objectives. Her personality is very fitting for the work she does and it's like having a chat with a friend. I would definitely recommend Heather for anyone looking to step up their career game"

We will help you …

  • Understand exactly the best way to get started on your Boardroom journey.

  • Remove the barriers that stand in your way when making the transition from Exec to Non-Exec

  • Know where to focus your time and efforts to maximise your effectiveness

Start your journey to the Boardroom today

Every goal starts with a plan. To help begin your journey to being Boardroom Ready, we’ve got the expertise and skills to ensure you take the right steps towards the Boardroom.

What you will learn in the '10 top tips for securing your first NED role' guide includes:

  • How and where to start looking

  • What key knowledge and insight you will need to make the first steps.

  • What to do and when! You need to start earlier than you think!

  • BONUS as a thank you for downloading, you get access to an exclusive interview with Bryan Foss - Digital NED, Risk & Audit Chair, Visiting Professor, Founder and NED coach and Regulatory Advisor. In the interview you will hear the no holds barred, no nonsense, insiders secrets for ‘Demystifying how to make the transition from Exec to Non-exec'.

“Heather White and I first met at the FT NED Club in 2015 when Heather was on a panel about the importance of networking in a NED search. Subsequently, Heather was instrumental in helping me successfully address the Catch 22 situation of: “You have a great executive experience, good that you want to become a NED, what is your NED experience?”. Recently, I invited Heather to present a talk at XTEND on “5 to 10 things you must do to find a NED role”. As I expected, Heather was very candid in laying out the current state of play in the NED sphere and very honest about what needs to be done to increase chances of landing a NED role”




Boardroom Ready specialises in 2 key areas to support your journey to the board:

  • placing you onto a commercial board to gain hands-on board experience, giving you the edge over those with no board experience;
  • and teaching you how and where to find your first NED / Trustee role

We understand the journey you are embarking on and have experts to support you every step of the way.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Help You Secure Your first NED ROLE!