FACT: Search Firms and Boards will check out your LinkedIn profile and if they don't see your potential, they won't be in touch!

  • If you want to be found by a search firm for a NED / Trustee role, you need to know how the LinkedIn algorithm works, otherwise your profile simply won't be found

  • Likewise, you need to know what information should go onto your LinkedIn profile, as well as your NED CV

  • If you want to discover the trade secrets how search firms use LinkedIn then...

...our LinkedIn Optimisation Strategy Service will help you promote your executive / board experience to your target audience supporting your ambition when making the transition from Exec to Non-Exec.

  • Do you want your LinkedIn profile to drive more interviews when seeking your first NED role?

  • Do you want to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and help recruiters easily find you on the LinkedIn platform, to avoid you getting lost in the fiercely competitive market?

  • Do you want your LinkedIn profile to project why you are a great candidate for a Non-Exec / Trustee role?

  • Do you want to use the power of LinkedIn to help you navigate the hidden NED job market and network into a role?

If the answer is YES, our LinkedIn Optimisation Strategy Service will help you kick-start your journey to becoming a Non-Exec / Trustee and elevate you above your competition in an extremely competitive market.

If you are...

  • One-below boardroom executive
  • Interim executive / contractor
  • Functional department head
  • Self-employed
  • Portfolio professional

…and you want to know how to get into the boardroom, our LinkedIn Optimisation Strategy Service will…

  • Present you with a persuasive LinkedIn profile designed to get noticed by recruiters
  • Ensure your profile stands out by optimising it for LinkedIn’s algorithm
  • Give you an advantage when trying to make an impression in the NED / Trustee market
  • Make it compelling for recruiters to see why you are perfect for the role
  • Show you how to promote your executive / board experience to your target audience

Our LinkedIn Optimisation Strategy Service will help you secure a NED role

Boardroom Ready have teamed up with The CV & Interview Advisors (CVIA), one of the world's leading personal branding providers to deliver our unique LinkedIn Optimisation Strategy Service.

Our market-leading service will make sure your profile will be found by recruiters / organisations and stand out to them as a great candidate for NED / Trustee roles. For a one-off payment of just

£575 + VAT, this is how our service will help you get your place on the Board …


Discovery, repositioning, and rewriting your LinkedIn profile to work with LinkedIn's algorithm


Ensuring your LinkedIn profile will be found, by understanding exactly what Boards are seeking

  • You will have a 2-hour telephone / Zoom fact finding session with CVIA

  • We will discuss your career in detail

  • We will define your personal brand and value proposition

  • We will write your LinkedIn profile from scratch

  • We will keep working until you are 100% happy
  • You have a detailed 90-minute 1-2-1 session with Heather White

  • She will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to complete so she understands your career goals, and to identify / define your target audience, key decision makers and what roles you are applying for

  • Discuss with you how you are using LinkedIn and what you want to achieve in this session

  • Jointly review target roles and ensure your profile matches those roles

  • Show to you how recruiters are using LinkedIn to find exactly the people they need (‘behind the scenes’ glimpse)

  • Identify and add keywords based on your target audience

  • Optimise your account settings to enhance your visibility to recruiters

  • Discuss your views on posting and thought leadership

What do others have to say about this service?

Shagen G.

Head of Internal Audit

Working with Heather was great. She took me through the inside workings of LinkedIn algorithms which I had no idea. There is still work to do to tidy up my profile and she has given me some ideas and tips to begin. Thanks again Heather.

Annie C.

Senior Solicitor

I have just recently received a job offer – and it’s all thanks to the great work on my LinkedIn profile. Within 2 weeks of my new LI profile going live, I was approached by recruiters. Thank you again for your help

Arshad B.

Project Management

It was a fantastic experience engaging with Heather on the features, wording and effectiveness LinkedIn has to offer. A valuable and rewarding experience which has allowed me to navigate LinkedIn with confidence as I seek new career opportunities. Thank you Heather!!

"After meeting Heather I was impressed with her approach and knowledge. Working directly with her was a great experience and gave a fresh insight into the workings of LinkedIn and how to best use it" – Martin, CFO

Why choose Boardroom Ready to optimise your LinkedIn profile?

  • Heather White’s extensive knowledge on how best to optimise your LinkedIn profile so it is found by recruiters

  • Our team of specialist LinkedIn profile authors have all been senior professionals in their own career

  • We have a deep knowledge of personal branding, recruitment and HR, across all industries

  • Our scientifically researched approach to LinkedIn optimisation is proven to work in the real world

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?

A high-quality service that involves us talking to you for 2 hours to extract all the raw data we need to write / re-write your LinkedIn profile. This will be followed by a 90-minute session with Heather to fully optimise your LinkedIn profile so that you can be found by recruiters and organisations.

What happens after I pay?

We will contact you within 2 working days to get the ball rolling and assign you to one of our team who will arrange a 2-hour fact-finding session. Once your LinkedIn profile has been written, Heather will be in touch to arrange a date for your optimisation session.

What if I change my mind or I am not happy?

If you change your mind before we do any work, we will refund your money. If you are not happy with your new LinkedIn profile, we will have a chat and agree the most relevant course of action, from remedial work to a refund.

I work during the day, how can I do the 2 hour fact-finding session?

LinkedIn writers who can accommodate out-of-hours appointments, plus Heather is happy to have calls on weekday evenings.

I am based outside of the UK - is this a problem?

We have helped customers in 63 countries around the world and are adept at working remotely and dealing with the nuances of different regions.

How long will it take?

It depends on the volume of orders but typically we will book you in within 3 to 10 days with a 5-day turnaround for your first draft (we can expedite this if you have a specific deadline). This is followed by the appointment with Heather within 2 weeks of your LinkedIn being completed.

Who will write my LinkedIn?

One of our highly experienced team. We try to align as closely as possible their knowledge and background with your own, for maximum depth of understanding.

What if I need a LinkedIn profile but not looking for NED / Trustee role?

Our team are adept at writing LinkedIn profiles for people with all manner of different objectives including to promote their own business or an executive career change. If you are looking for a LinkedIn profile to promote your business a different pricing structure exists - please contact Heather on 0777 585 5764 to discuss.

What if I also need a professionally written CV?

Our team have written over 16,000 CVs and resumes and have extensive experience working with both executives and non-executive candidates. Please contact Heather on 0777 585 5764 to dicusss.