How to Find Your First NED / Trustee Role

Accelerate your journey to the boardroom with straight talking

and practical guidelines on what to do and when

  • Do you want to know how to start your journey to the boardroom?

  • Do you want the mystery removed on how to find that first elusive Non-Exec/Trustee role?

  • Do you want a realistic & practical guide that will show you the steps to find your first NED role?

If the answer is YES, our ‘How To’ accelerator guide will show you how to find your first NED / Trustee role!

If you are a …

  • One-below boardroom executive

  • Functional departmental head

  • Self-employed professional

  • Portfolio professional

  • Interim- professional/contractor

… and you want to know how to get into the Boardroom – then our easy-to-use guide will …

  • Save you from wasting at least 6 months working out how to get started, who to talk to, what to ask and what to do with the information you have gathered.

  • Save you from being overwhelmed from the volume and mis-information of conflicting advice on the net

  • Show you exactly how to get started finding your first NED / Trustee role

  • De-mystify all the preconceptions surrounding getting a place on a Board

  • Remove the common mistakes made when trying to find your Board role

  • Show you how to make your executive experience & skills attractive to a Board

  • Includes videos, handbook and essential lists of specialist organisations and search firms

WHO will be helping you on your

journey to the Boardroom?

This unique accelerator programme has been created by

the founder of Boardroom Ready and 2 highly experienced Chairs and NEDs.

Together they will take you all the way to the Boardroom with their straight-talking and practical advice

Ken Andrew

As Executive Director and Non-Executive Director, as CEO and Chairman, Ken has a wealth of Boardroom experience in listed and private companies, gained across various industries and countries. He has served on 14 boards over the past 30 years covering a wide range of industries including Banking, Healthcare, IT operations, Insurance/Investment, Construction, Building Society, Serviced Offices and Consultancy.

Heather White

Heather is a boardroom matchmaker and connector specialising in meticulously matching senior executives with a board to gain board experience. She is highly experienced in guiding people through our proven process to successfully find their first board role, to get over the barriers and supporting their journey.

As the CEO of Boardroom Ready, in addition to boardroom matchmaking, Heather supports her clients on all things Networking and Personal Brand, and optimising their LinkedIn profiles to be found by recruiters. She helps professionals take their career to the next logical stage for them. Her expertise complements the wider team of highly experienced NED / Trustees offering coaching and their inside knowledge on how boards operate.

Bryan Foss

Bryan Foss is an experienced PLC NED, audit, risk, remcom, noms & governance chair. Qualified as an IoD Chartered Director and in the marketing, finance and technology professions, he has additional board NED experience in the UK central and regional public sector, NFP and startup businesses. In addition Bryan is an advisor to the Financial Reporting Council and co-founder of the Risk Coalition, working with many international professional bodies and regulators.

What you get with the one-off payment of just

£99 (inclusive of VAT) .

(100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7 Days)

The Ultimate Guide on How to Find Your First NED / Trustee Role

Our 23 page e-book plus Success Plan

The Essential Directory for Non-Exec Directors

Access to our 'little black book'

12 Page Exclusive directory saving you weeks of manual research. Includes list of search firms, training organisations, membership groups, NED job platforms and so much more

The Essential Directory for Trustees

Access to our 'little black book'

6 pages with links again saving you weeks of research – includes Trustee job platforms across the whole spectrum of public appointments and voluntary organisations

Video 1 : How to use the guide

Introductory ‘How to Approach and Get Best Use From our Step-by-Step Guide’

Video walkthrough 14 mins

Heather White

Boardroom Matchmaker

Video 2: Demystifying the Non-Exec Market

Essential insights on how the NED and Trustee Recruitment Market works!

Video - 33 mins

Heather White

Boardroom Matchmaker

Video 3: Barriers you might face and the roadmap to success

Forewarned is forearmed!

Video - 24 mins

Heather White

Boardroom Matchmaker

BONUS CONTENT 1 - Interview with Ken Andrew on how to apply for roles and succeed at interviews

‘How to be Successful at NED / Trustee Applications and Interviews’ a practical and in-depth video interview with Ken Andrew, an experienced Chairman and Director of publicly listed and privately-owned companies. Part of Ken’s remit was to hire both experienced NEDs and those joining the board for the first time.

This includes:

  • The 6 key skills you need to demonstrate to be seen as a potential NED

  • Case study video 1 – NHS applications (14 mins)

  • Case study 2 video – Private company applications (9 mins)

  • Case study 3 video – Housing Association applications, & summary of how to approach applications (9 mins)

  • How to be successful at board role interviews and what common mistakes to avoid (14 mins)

  • Written examples of the 3 case studies used and summary on what to do

BONUS CONTENT 2 - Interview with Bryan Foss on making the transition from Exec to Non-Exec

‘Demystifying how to make the transition from Exec to Non-exec’ - in this 12 minute videoed interview, Heather White, CEO of Boardroom Ready talks to highly experienced Digital NED, Risk and Audit Chair, and board and NED coach, Bryan Foss. In this interview, he discusses both the theory and the practice of making the transition from exec to non-exec, citing the metaphor of hats.

This includes:

  • What is the difference between an executive and non-executive?

  • What is the difference between an executive and a non-exec expert on the board?

  • How do you make what is reputed to be a difficult transition from exec to non-exec?

"Be very deliberate about the hat you're wearing."

"Keep in mind the difference between influence & authority: as an exec, you use authority to point suitable resources towards the end goal,

as a non-exec, you have no resources and no authority, so you have to use influence."

Here’s what people are saying about the programme


Lloyds Banking Group

My consultation helped me plot a path that’s right for me, through the complex world of landing a NED role.


Business Psychologist

Heather White was very clear as to what it takes to secure an NED or Trustee role. Networking, networking, networking! She brought a refreshing realism to her presentation. It takes hard work and perseverance and is not for the faint hearted.

Jason Gowlett

Director of HR Operations

I had the pleasure of spending some time discussing the NED market, how to position myself in my target market and best ways to acquire roles. I took a lot from the conversation which will help me take my search forward. Would recommend getting in touch with Heather as you search for your first or additional NED roles

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?

'A step-by-step guide on ‘How to find your first NED / Trustee role’

This will accelerate your journey to the boardroom with straight talking, practical help on what to do and when.

Know-how from highly experienced NED / Chairs, our boardroom matchmaker, networking, personal brand and LinkedIn experts.

This includes our success path, a clear plan on what to do and when, with 2.5 hours of video tutorial and three working documents.

What happens after I pay?

We will send you an email with your login details and you will have immediate access to all the documents and videos. Do check your junk box.

How long do I have access?

Forever, and at any time

What happens if I change my mind, or I am not happy?

You have 7 days to change your mind and if you share with us your reasons why you are not fully satisfied, we will either offer you a full refund or a 30-minute coaching session with Heather White

I am based outside of the UK - will the information apply to me?

Unfortunately not, this is purely focused on the UK market